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we are bluequest

Bluequest is a digital creative agency based in Bedfordshire, United Kingdom. We deliver high-end ad production at scale FAST, with competitive, fixed-cost pricing. We also build animated videos, websites, games and a whole host other of other digital creative executions.

What we do

Bluequest offers a full spectrum of digital marketing services

Digital ad production

From standard banners through to cross-device responsive rich media, we are experts in ad design and development.

Animated videos

We create beautifully animated videos to bring any campaign to life. Ideal for YouTube/Vimeo and social media.

Email marketing

We create and manage highly effective email campaigns, across all major email marketing platforms.

Web development

From microsites to corporate sites, our team are experts in web development, online marketing and SEO.

E-commerce development

We design, build, monitor and maintain high-converting e-commerce sites with a partnership approach.

App development

We wireframe, design, build and deploy amazing mobile/tablet native apps across iOS and Android.

Online games

We create fun online games for use in ads, websites, social media and email marketing campaigns.

Social creative

Cinemagraphs, loops, mp4s, gifs and statics. We design amazing creative to enhance social media campaigns.


From working on campaigns across multiple global brands, we offer aligned, intelligent and effective branding solutions.


From simple scamps to highly-polished, multi-frame demonstrations, we can create the perfect storyboard for your pitch or project.

Artworking & Retouching

Our team can create or transform any visual. We deliver artworking and retouching across all types of digital and print projects.

PowerPoint decks

From turning a poorly designed PPTX into an amazing pitch deck, to generating OOXML templates, we are experts in PowerPoint.


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